& Design
- Turn Key Assembly
- Parts Acquisition
- Box Build
- System Assembly
- Functional Testing

- PCB Assembly
- Surface Mount
- Through Hole
- Prototype and Production
- Re-Work and Repair



The TWR-ADCDAC-AX is a Tower Peripheral Module designed for use with the Freescale Tower System.  The TWR-ADCDAC-AX features analog-to-digital (ADC) and digital-to-analog (DAC) converters from Linear Technology.  A user-selectable DAC reference voltage input selects between 1.22 mV per step and 1.0 mV per step output.  Serial Peripheral Iinterface (SPI) communications channel allow any Tower Controller Module to interface to the TWR-ADCDAC-AX.  Refer to the list below for a complete feature list.

Module Features:

  • 1 ea., 8-Ch, 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter
    • LTC1857CG
      • Software Programmable Input Ranges:
      • 0 – 5 V, 0 – 10V, ±5V, ±10V
      • Single Ended or Differential
      • On-Chip Reference Voltage
      • Optional External Reference Voltage at TP2
      • ± 25 VDC Input Protection
      • BUSY* Signal Output available on GPIO
  • 1 ea., 8-Ch, 12-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter
    • LTC2620CGN
      • High Rail-to-Rail Output Drive (± 15mA, Min)
      • 8-Ch Uni-Polar and 4-Ch Bi-Polar Outputs
      • Low Input Offset (VOS), Precision Amplifier for Bi-Polar Outputs
    • Selectable VREF Input
      • +5V or +4.096V
      • +5V REF input provides 1.22 mV per step output (default)
      • +4.096V REF input provides 1.0mV per step output
    • On-Board -5V supports Bi-Polar DAC output
  • On-Board, Precision Op-Amp for bi-Polar DAC Output
    • Precison +5.0V and -5.0V voltage rails for true Bi-Polar output
    • Multi-turn potentiometer tunes either rail to +/- 10mV
  • Spring Activated Terminal Block Input and Output Connections
  • PCB Footprint for Optional Relay with Terminal Block Connector (not populate in default configurations)
    • 2-Ch, NO & NC connections available
    • Transistor-coupled drive control
    • Industry Standard Footprint
    • Through-hole Relay and Terminal Block for easy installation
  • Optional Power input from USB connector for high-power applications
    • Option header to disconnect power input from TWR system
  • Dual PCIe connectors interface to Tower Controller Module


  • Board Size:  Tower Module Form Factor, 3.54 x 3.17 inch 
  • Voltage Input:  +5.5V Max

For quantity discounts on orders of 25 or more TWR-ADCDAC-AX boards on a single order, please contact Axiom Manufacturing directly.

Ph:  (972) 437-3737

Email: [email protected]

Price: $132.00
Weight: 1 lb
Dimensions: 5 in × 5 in × 2 in