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- Parts Acquisition
- Box Build
- System Assembly
- Functional Testing

- PCB Assembly
- Surface Mount
- Through Hole
- Prototype and Production
- Re-Work and Repair

Project Starter Kit

SKU: ProjectStarterKit

The Project Starter Kit includes the components required to complete ALL Axiom lab projects for HC11 and HC12 development boards. Each project contains step-by-step instructions to build your own circuits on the solderless breadboard interfacing the microcontroller. Project tutorials are included for:

  • LEDS
  • LED Bar
  • Seven-Segment Display
  • Dip Switch
  • Push Button
  • Potentiometer

and many more projects can be created by combining these! You'll learn quickly and gain experience and confidence as you complete each step of a simple project. The starter kit includes:

  • 1) CD with all documentation, utilities and example source code
  • 1) LED 7-Segment Display-Common Anode, Rt. Hand Decimal
  • 1) 10k 20-22 turn Potentiometer
  • 1) 4 Position Switch Dip thru hole
  • 1) LS247 Dip
  • 1) Resistor Array 470 ohm, 16P 8R Dip
  • 4) LED Red
  • 1) 4 LED single in line Bar Light
  • 4) Resistor 1/4 watt thru hole, 470 ohm
  • 40) Jumper Wires - 3 inch
  • 4) 10k 1/4 W Resister thru hole
  • 1) Push Button, Small Lead for breadboard
  • 1) Temperature Sensor, LM34 thru hole

The project tutorials included on the CD are in PDF format and can be viewed on your PC or printed. You can even download them for free on the Axiom web site. We've also included all the source code to the example programs you create in these projects. Many more lab projects are in the works and we'll update this kit with new components as they're released. Keep checking our web site for the latest - and have fun with your projects!

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Dimensions: 6 in × 6 in × 1 in