& Design
- Turn Key Assembly
- Parts Acquisition
- Box Build
- System Assembly
- Functional Testing

- PCB Assembly
- Surface Mount
- Through Hole
- Prototype and Production
- Re-Work and Repair

Education Products FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding our 68HC11 educational products.


  • Q - Do these boards come with the microcontrollers installed?
    A - YES. The processor is installed and the board is assembled and fully tested. Everything is ready right out of the box, just plug it in and go.
  • Q - What other lab equipment do I need?
    A - A PC running Windows is required to run the programming utility - AxIDE.

  • Q - Why is the price so low - what is "missing"?
    A - Nothing. We understand most students have a limited budget so we price our educational products to be affordable

  • Q - How do I get the educational discount?
    A - We offer a discounted price to any student or teacher using these boards in a classroom or lab. To receive this special discount when ordering you'll be asked to provide the name of your College or University and the name and contact information for the instructor of the course.

  • Q - What about technical support?
    A - We often provide quicker turnaround than our competitors do through the internet. Our technical support is provided directly by us, the product developer. Please send technical support questions by e-mail to [email protected] for the fastest response.

  • Q - Why should I use an HC11 or HC12 instead of a PIC?
    A: Although the PIC may be easy to apply, it is limited in many ways that the HC11/12 is not. The HC11 has a versatile linear memory map and is expandable up to 64K bytes easily, the PIC has only a fixed amount of internal memory and is not expandable. Even more memory is available with the HC12. The HC11/12 provides a development environment onboard while the PIC must have an emulator system ($$$) for similar development features. The PIC has a small instruction set with little math capability and 8 bit operations only while the HC11/12 provides a large, easy to use instruction set with 16 bit math operations including multiply and divide instructions. The HC11/12 also provides 64K byte indexing or pointers which is beyond the PIC capability.