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- System Assembly
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- Through Hole
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SKU: CMM-52259-OEM

The CMM-52259-OEM is a module featuring the MCF52259 microcontroller. This small form factor (2.2”X3.5”) board is ideal for OEM embedded applications where low cost and small size are important.

Shipped with MQX RTOS installed. The Freescale MQX RTOS provides real-time performance within a small, configurable footprint. It is designed to have a modern, component-based microkernel architecture allowing for customization by feature, size, and speed by selecting the components engineers wish to include while meeting the tight memory constraints of embedded systems.

Target Applications:

  • Industrial control           
  • Industrial networking       
  • HVAC systems/applications
  • Human-machine interface (HMI)   
  • High-end lighting control   
  • Health care devices
  • Fire and alarm systems/applications   
  • Security panels


  • MCF52259, 144LQFP
  • 512K Bytes Flash
  • 64K Bytes Dual Ported SRAM
  • V2 ColdFire Core w/ eMAC
  • Mini-FlexBus EBI
  • Fast Ethernet Controller
  • Random Number CAU
  • FlexCAN 2.0B Module
  • 4-Ch 32 bit DMA
  • 8/16 bit PWM Timer
  • Fast ADC, 8 channel
  • Integrated USB Phy (Host, Device & OTG)
  • 80 MHz Core/40MHz Bus Frequency
  • UARTs, I2C, & QSPI 


  • 48 MHz XTAL Oscillator, 32.76 KHz RTC XTAL Oscillator
  • 8MB QSPI Flash, 128KB Low Power SRAM
  • On-the-Go USB support with mini AB Connector
  • 2 User Push Button Switches
  • 10/100 Ethernet Port w/ RJ45 and status lights on board
  • CAN 2.0B port w/ 1Mbaud transceiver on MCU port connector
  • COM Port (UART0) w/ 2X5 Pin header provided w/DB9 Interface Cable
  • I/O ports (.1” grid), MCU, Analog and Bus Ports
  • Standard 26 pin BDM / JTAG debug connectors
  • Shipped with MQX RTOS installed


  • Board Only

Power Input: +5 to +30VDC, 9VDC typical
Board Size:    2.2” x 3.5”


Price: $99.00
Weight: 2 lb
Dimensions: 6 in × 7 in × 3 in