& Design
- Turn Key Assembly
- Parts Acquisition
- Box Build
- System Assembly
- Functional Testing

- PCB Assembly
- Surface Mount
- Through Hole
- Prototype and Production
- Re-Work and Repair


Q Some users (especially in network protected administrations) get a library registration error after installing AxIDE.
A Click Start/Run and execute the following command, then try AxIDE again: REGSVR32.EXE COMMX.OCX
Q  AxIDE3 will not Build or assemble my Program

The Build operation applies a batch file that requires DOS level directory path and file names.  This limits directory /folder names to 8 characters and files to 8 character names.  Source files should have the .ASM extension or be limited to a 3 character extension.  No spaces or special characters allowed.

A2 A Host PC with a 64bit system will not operate the original installed AS11.EXE assembler provided with AxiDE3.x.  To update, download the AS11_64-32bit.zip file below.  Uncompress and replace the installed AS11.EXE with this version.  The AS11.EXE file is located in the AXIDE3.6 or 3.85 installation folder or directory. 
 Q  AXIDE3 will not BUILD (assemble) HC11 source under Win7 64 bit 
 A  The AXIDE HC11 assembler is very old and not compatible with Win7.  Apply the GNU assembler provided in the EVBU support page.
 Q  AxIDE will not BUILD (assemble) HC12 / 9S12 source under Win7 64 bit.
 A  Download the AS12.ZIP file below, extract the AS11.EXE file, and replace the AS12.EXE in the AXIDE installation folder with this version.